Getting to grips with fluid mechanics

This blog follows on from previous attempts trying to provide information about the new topics in the AQA AS and A-level PE specifications, trying to be helpful by providing suitable notes / explanations of each (most) of this new content We’ve looked at venous return and vitamins and minerals; stability […]

New AQA AS / A-level Specifications

AQA published its new AS and A-level specifications in June 2015 in draft form. On its website, AQA state that they expect feedback from Ofqual on their submission during Autumn 2015, but as yet nothing has appeared to suggest that the draft specification has been accredited or whether Ofqual has […]

The Conundrum of Drugs in Sport

Over the last year, we have been treated to headlines such as ‘Russian doping claims: 99% of athletes guilty’. This was an investigation by a German TV documentary that claimed that Russian officials systematically accepted payment from athletes to supply banned substances and cover up tests. A former Russian discus […]

Lactate Threshold and VO2 max

Many students find the concept of lactate threshold or OBLA difficult(remember that they are different!). I think it’s the ‘threshold’ bit. A threshold is a level above which things can rise. Think of a pain threshold or a wages threshold. Lactate threshold is similar. Another area that appears to confuse […]